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ximena    Prof. Ms. Andrea Ximena Castaño

   I am a scholarship holder at Rovira i Virgili University,  as a PhD student I am doing research in the field of  Technology Applied Education.  My research focus on the development of eportfolio learning for Higher Education. I am interested in teaching as a  design science, specially its application to e-learning environments. Some of the current projects I am involved include Research in Web 2.0 and its implications on quality of teaching at the University & Learning design for teaching with educational technology.

Currently, I am about to finish PhD on the applications of e-portofolio in the university and its implications for students learning in terms of motivation, self-regulated learning, approaches to learning and assessment preferences. Also, I am reviewer in the ePortfolio consortium for EPIC conference and the europortal

One of the topics thats inspire me more are related with Personal Learning Environments, the ePortfolio idea which I have been actively involve within the University.  Also, I like the technical part of the design of teaching and learning I am driven by a teaching design as its core. Rather it would be on-line or face-to-face.

Further Information

Contact details

Ms. Andrea Ximena Castaño

Doctorate Technology applied to education

Tarragona – Spain


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